“Alea jacta est”

(Jules Cesar)


All the games on this page was created by DoX, all rights reserved.


Dino’s Eggs

4 to 8 players | 15 to 30mins | +8 years old | Coop/Bluff (Skulls-Style)

CONTENT: 09 tiles, 8 bonus cards and tokens (for points)

Goal: Players must work together to find a maximum of eggs, because at the end of each round, those eggs give points. But beware, at the end of each round the points are shared among the surviving players. Players will then use cunning to eliminate their opponents to avoid to having to share the booty at the end of each round. (The eliminated players return to the next round) to the end of the third round, the player(s) with the most points, win.





2 to 6 players | 15mins | +7 years old | Speed Game (Jungle Speed-Style)

CONTENT: You need 55 cards to play TAP5.

Goal: To win, you have to put your cards in the center of the table, faster than your opponents. Don’t set the wrong card, or you will have to take one card more. The player who have only one card in his hands, win.




A game super MEGA AWESOME !



 players, for 5mins, years old or more.

CONTENT: 9 pallets of plastic, including 4 pallets with a monkey head below and 1 Skull.
(There are 2 differents colors of monkey, each players have 2 monkeys + 2 pallets standard)

THE GAME: Once the players took all their pallets and selected their monkeys, one after the other they have to put their pallets face down on the table (in a “grid” 3×3), until every pallets are on the table (So the monkey will be hidden among others pallets. But try to remember where you hidded them). Then after that the game was set, the first player have a return 1 pallet. If it’s a “monkey”, the player take off the pallet from the grid, if it is not a monkey, he will have to switch the pallet with another one from the grid.

The first player who find the 2 monkeys of the other player, win.




2 players | 20 to 30mins | +7 years old (Chess-Style)

CONTENT: 6 pawns and 2 black elephants with 6 + 2 pawns and white elephants.

  Goal: Players must block the two elephants of the opposing team before our own elephants are blocked.
So if you cannot move our elephants, you losed.

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