(Shigeru Miyamoto)


The sound is a very important part of games, that’s why I offert to you the possibility to listen the awsome musics of “Art & Thief” on this page!


Made with Construct2, by myself.

2 players | 20 to 30mins | +7 years old (Chess-Style)

  Goal: Players must block the two elephants of the opposing team before our own elephants are blocked.
So if you cannot move our elephants, you losed.

Web version :
Web, PC, Mac and Linux on :




Made with Construct2 for WEB & PC in 2016, by myself.

Kings is a small game made to test the animations in Construct2, 
in this game the payers have to catch stars and fight each others, using speciales powers as Fire and teleportation. 

Download the game:



 Never BLOCK

Made with Construct2, by myself.

NeverBLOCK is a puzzle game in wich the players search the way to the freedom. With his original gameplay and his stylized graphics, NeverBlock propose to you a new way to roam mazes.
 the levels are ponctuated by dozen of elements that come to renew the gaming experience for 30 levels.
Observe your environment, find the exit with your sense of orientation, and then find a way to reach it by using your sense of deduction.

Available on 




Made with Unity for PC in 2011, by the VR-Geeks (Eric Beets : Programmer, Nicolas Conil : Programmer, Sébastien Kuntz : Programmer,
 Thierry Desseaux : Sound Designer, Takara Orca : Music) and me, DoX : 3D Artist and Game Designer.
Sadistic is a Puzzle Game specialy made for VR Device, in which the player have the ability to modify the level in real time. 
(2 years later, I have made this project compatible with the Oculus Rift DK1 myself)
Download the game:
How to play: Press “Enter” to start the game, playable with keyboard and mouse (click Right/Left + WASD/You can change it in the options menu).



Art & Thief

Made with Unity for Android (BeMyApp “World Cup” 2013) in 48h, by
Titouan Toqué-Tressonne : Programmer, François Cocheteux : Sound Designer, Guillaume Baptiste : Graphic Designer 2D, Brian Pitet : Game Design, DoX : ArtDirection/Game Designer/2DAnimation.

“Art & Thief” is an Infiltration Game for 1 players.
In this game, you are a thief obsessed by Art !  Create your own collection, by stealing the museums. But beware to the guards! they have rocket launchers. We had to stop this project. The main programmer got a contract with “neko entertainment” for his game “Replay : VHS is not dead” avaible on PC and Consoles

Download and play game :








Themeby François Cocheteux



Made with Construct2, by myself.

I made 3 minimalists games to test Construct2, “D” a Puzzle-game, “O” an Adventure/Plateformer game and “X” is a Die and Retry.
 Each of this three games use differents controles and ask differents skills to players.
I hope you will like this games, also the record made by a Player to “X” is : 2 mins and 56 seconds, Good Luck.

play game D: 
play game O: French or English 
play game X: