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The sound is a very important part of games, that’s why I offert to you the possibility to listen awsome musics, especially made for those games, on this page!



Game Jams are the best way to meet a lot of passionate peoples and learn a lot of things really fast. That’s why I love it.


(Coposition de lignes noirs et de carres de couleurs)

Made with Unity for PC (Digital Art Jam 2017), in 48h, by Jason Huvet : Programmer, Thomas Loillieux : Sound Designer, DoX : Graphic/Game Designer.

“CLNCC” is a Puzzle Game for 1 player.
Made to the Museum George-Pompidou, Paris. This game was created to help peoples to understand that sometimes,
the meaning of art cannot be understand without somes knowledges of the proccess of creation.

 Download the game for PC :
Page :



Music_CLNCCby Thomas Loillieux

 Castle Fight

Made with Construct2 for PC and Web (GCJ 2015), in 48h. Made by myself.

“Castles Fight” is an Action Game for 2 players.
Destroy the castle of the other player, but don’t forget to protect your own castle !

 Download the game for PC :
Page :


Made with Unity for PC (Pharmadherence 2016), in 48h, by David Birgé-Cotte : Programmer, Phillippe Cadiot : Musics,
Hélène Bellaton : Graphic/Game Designer, DoX : Graphic/Game Designer.

(Special thanks to Cyrille Farges and Corinne Guerin)

“TamaStory” is a Tamagochi-like for 1 player.
Made to the University Paris Descartes (Faculty of Medicine), this game was created to help peoples with hepatitis or HIV,
to seriously follow-up their medical treatment until the end of it.

Music_Tamaby Phillippe Cadiot


Made with Unity for PC and WEB (JamShaker 2014) in 48h, by
Garry Williams : Programmer, Romain Soual : Programmer, Matthieu Maudet : Sound Designer, Alexis Moroz : Game Designer, DoX : Graphic Designer

“Voice” is an Adventure game, for 2 players in cross-play, 1 with the Occulus Rift (Also playable without Occulus Rift) and 1 on the official website.
In this game, the player “voice” must describe symbols to the “captive”, to help him find the good door to escape, before he die.
Play game :

 King of the World

Made with Unity for PC (GCJ 2014), in 24h, by Aladine Dhiabi : Programmer, Matthieu Maudet : Sound Designer, DoX : Graphic/Game Designer. 

“King of the World” is an Action/Plateformer Game for 4 players.
In this game you must go to the top by using your PowerBalls. The world has a place for only one king, do not waste your chance!

Download PC :

Page :

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Music_in-gameby Matthieu Maudet

DIY Brain Surgeon

Made with Unity for PC (JamShaker 2014, City of Science – Paris) in 48h, by
Alistair Aitcheson : Programmer/Game Designer, Rémi Leblanc : Game/Level Designer, Pierre Vandermaesen : Sound Designer, DoX : Graphic/Game Designer

“DIY Brain Surgeon” is a dexterity game, for 1 players. This game use a device for Muscles Stimulations,
when you touch something bad in the game, your arm move alone !

Photos of the event : HERE 

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Read more about this Game Jam.


Art & Thief

Made with Unity for Android (BeMyApp “World Cup” 2013) in 48h, by
Titouan Toqué-Tressonne : Programmer, François Cocheteux : Sound Designer, Guillaume Baptiste : Graphic Designer 2D, Brian Pitet : Game Design, DoX : ArtDirection/Game Designer/2DAnimation.

“Art & Thief” is an Infiltration Game for 1 players.
In this game, you are a thief obsessed by Art !  Create your own collection, by stealing the museums. But beware to the guards! they have rocket launchers… 

Themeby François Cocheteux