"Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme."

(Antoine Lavoisier) 




Born from my passion for the visual arts. This website is here to put my creativity and passions to your service and to show you my projects. I am a French designer from Paris and I love travel all around the world. That is why you will find on this website some projects made with peoples from England, China, Thailand, Tunisia, etc. I hope you will enjoy your visite on this website and my projects. You can also read articles that I writed for share my experiences (Game Jams, BoardGame, etc.), on DoxMade. Some of my games are avaibles now, on “itch.io”. I also made some websites for professionnels, dox-creaweb.com 

You can follow my work on Facebook and Instagram also available for sell on Society6 and RedBubble



Action, reflection and Fun are some examples of what you can expect in this section!

Among these games, you will have the privilege to test some made in 24h / 48h for single events.

And even discover crazy experiences achieved through some extraordinary accessories.


Here you will find some few board games that I realized. From the Party Games like “Tap5” playable to 5, to “Chang” my abstract game for 2 players, each games that I created answer to specifics needs. As initiated casual players to the pleasures of the Chess game, or to create a dynamic and fun game, trans-generational.



In this section you will find illustrations, sketches and several concepts

environments and characters, but also some photographs of landscapes and animals.

Need an original gift? Come to my “ART SHOP“, I can draw for you! But if you want, watch what I sell on RedBubble


If you have any questions, any troubles with my website  or with my games, please contact me. (*Required fields) Or you can use this e-mail: “contact[at]dox-studio[dot]com”


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