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Ma première JAMSHAKER !

Projet : Short Circuits Short Circuits was made to a game jam very special, it was...


Projet : Short Circuits

Short Circuits was made to a game jam very special, it was the first organised by Jam Shaker! This is an association specializes in the organisation of game jams, the idea was “why should we wait for the Global Game Jam or other big event to make game jams, when we can organised game jam anytime, anywhere”.

We was more than 10 people in Paris to the “Dernier bar avant la fin du monde“, we made teams there and then we had to go to the apartment of one of our teammate, to work and to sleep there. I was with Garry Williams (a french developper who ever work for EA Games UK on a game “Harry Potter” and for Ubisoft on Just Dance) and we had to go to the Yannick Elahee‘s appartment (lavapools),  their we start to think about what kind of game we wanted to do, the theme was “10 secondes” proposed by the Ludum Dare.


We took our time to find ideas and to choose the best, we had avoided the ideas to much ambitious to focus on something more fun, playable in solo and multiplayer but only offline. finaly we made a game about robots, lost in the jungle and with just 10 secondes of power. The players have to kill the other robots to stole their batteries, the last standing robot win the game. Thanks to the Garry‘s skills, we added another mode, “Collect 60 secondes from other robots” and four robots controled by an AI.

The Sunday we was back to the pub “Dernier bar avant la fin du monde” to present our games made in less than 48h. At less 20 people was there to watch the games presentations and try them. It was a nice Game Jam, the first of many others organised by Jam Shaker.

Garry Williams: Programmer, Yannick Elahee: Game Designer, DoX : Graphic Designer

Download and play game : dox-studio.com/ShortCircuits.zip